We are closed for the holidays from 13th Dec. 2022 until 2nd Feb. 2023

All welcome.

We are a men's only organisation and we provide an open door policy, although some conditions may apply.

Restrictions may be placed on individuals for safety reasons, or if a participant requires the assistance of a carer (must be provided by the participant) or be deemed a prohibited person.

Our Rules

  • "The Shed" resourses are for the collective good of The Morrinsville Community Menzshed as a charitable organisation. Not for personal profit.
  • Programs and activities need to be alligned to the aims and objectives of "The Shed"
  • To commence a community or major project a brief written proposal needs to be submitted to the executive for asessment as to suitability. An indication of funds required would need to be included.
  • A job sheet is to be filled out for every job.
  • No projects are to compete unfairly with local business.
  • It is necessary for "The Shed" to make a profit from events, projects and activities to ensure future viability.

The Work Environment in "The Shed"

These are the Commandments of The Menzshed Morrinsville

  • All members must read and sign the Health and Safety policy prior to working in the workshop and have a Duty of Care to fellow Sheddies.
  • Subscriptions are due annually and members must be financial to use any equipment and facilities.
  • All members are to wear their Name Badges in the shed.
  • Each member must sign in when entering and out when leaving the building. (hang up your badge)
  • All equipment and shed premises are to be treated with care and respect.
  • There must be a minimum of two members on site at all times during hours of operation.
  • Machinery or equipment must not be operated unless the member is competent or trained on that particular piece of equipment.
  • Any damage or accident must be reported to the day supervisor immediately and recorded in incident register. 
  • Safety clothing (ear muffs, eye protection, enclosed footwear etc.) must be worn or used in the workshop when operating machinery at all times.
  • Machinery must only be operated between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm within the prescribed facilities or area.
  • The designated Shed Monitor on the day is responsible for turning off the lights and machinery before leaving and must ensure that the building is vacated and securely locked.
  • Personal materials or items left on the premises are the members sole responsibility. 
  • All welding and hot work must cease and be cooled down 30 minutes prior to the building being vacated and locked. 
  • Each area of use must be swept and cleaned after use by each operator.
  • All hand tools must be placed in designated spots after use and left in clean, tidy and useable condition.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the building.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on premises until after hours.

Workshop Safe Practices & Responsibilities

Accidents and Incidents:

  • An accident is something that can't be prevented
  • An incident is caused by hazards
  • Workplace hazards are caused by unsafe conditions and/or unsafe acts.


Conditions - refers to the state of:

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Work areas
  • Work processes
  • Environment.

Acts - refers to the behaviour of people:

  • Not wearing or using safety equipment
  • Defeating safety devices
  • Dangerous procedures
  • Using unfamiliar machines
  • Horse play.

Personal responsibilities

  • Know your environment.
  • Check personal safety equipment is suitable for the job and surroundings.
  • Only proceed if you are competent to do the job with the equipment.
  • Ask or seek help if you are uncertain  or in doubt.
  • If you discover a new hazard make it known to others and record it in the log.
  • Follow leaders instructions.
  • Discuss safety issues with your workmates as a course of action.
  • Long hair, loose clothes, jewellery, etc.,must be made safe.
  • Be aware of otheer hazards including:
    • Dust
    • Smoke
    • Poor lighting
    • Ventilation
    • Heat/Cold
    • Fire risk

Health and Safety / Housekeeping

Reporting an Accident or Incident

Every accident, near miss or possible injury should be reported to the day manager so that it can be fullyinvestigated and corrective action taken.
Success of the shed depends on a safe environment so sheddies may partake and enjoy the fruits of their labour. To this end due process must enduewith safety measures firmly entrenched.
Observing and applying safety measures is the duty of every member and to this end an "incident: book will be kept.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

If you are using the tools at MenzShed you must:

  • Clean up after every job
  • Empty bins
  • Return tools and equipment to rightful place
  • Keep isles and ways clear at all times. 

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