A place for men to gather & do.

Morrinsville MenzShed  exists to provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for men to gather, volunteer, work, learn, teach and seek fellowship with other like-minded people. Please scroll down.

We are raising money for our new shed!

Garage Sale of Surplace Handtools!
We are planning a garage sale of some of our surplus hand tools. While these are used, they are still in good condition. If you are looking for something specific you could contact us and see if we can help you out before the sale.

The Morrinsville Menzshed Rat Trap Competition

Competition Entry is made by Donating $35 for each Trap.
This is a fund raiser for our new shed.
The competition is designed to help the environment and community while helping ourselves. The rat traps are enclosed for pet and children's safety.
Traps can be entered in the competition ending 30th November.
We are splitting the competition into urban and rural divisions.
There will be a prize of a Christmas Hamper for each division, available by 15th December. The winners will be notified, but results will be on our website. 
We can provide a donation receipt if requested.

Sponsored by Mitre 10.

Our Values


Respect the confidentiality and privacy of participants, their rights and decisions.

Support local

All work is created at the shed and we won't compete with local tradies.


Provide a safe and supportive social environment and a safe physical environment.


Restrictions on membership exist. View on application page.

Think you want to join?

How we can help

We can build, or fix, many of your personal items.

We work only at the shed and do not compete with industries or trades within Morrinsville.

For sale

We also have a small selection of items available for direct purchase.

This includes wooden children's toys, shelves and tables. 


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